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» Berita dan Informasi Seputar Kampus IPDC Terkini
Hari : jumat, 15 November 2013
Ditulis Oleh : Administrator IT IPDC
On October 29th , 2013, two international Accreditation panel for APR review DR. Adil Basuki Ahza form Indonesia and Dr. Michael Tomlinson form Australia) , visited IPDC in their annual site visit to IPDC to review the performance of IPDC in maintaining the quality of education services in the past year. Started in 2009, this is the fifth regular visit, where IPDC is closely followed up and audited. The two panels were accompanied and facilitated by two staff from the ANAAA, one of them is Ms. Dirce Belo. At 9 am, the guests entered Canossa complex and were immediately greeted by two students and IPDC staff, and were led to the Seminar room for the proceedings regarding the review: interviews, documents and other proof checkings.
The first session was dedicated to the leaders as well as to Canossa Foundation. Sr. Aurora Pires FdCC (as the Provincial Council member) represented Canossa Foundation since Sr. Angelina da Conceição was not able to attend due to some other commitments. The University leaders comprised of Rector and her pro rectors, head of departments and units, QA Officers, and supporting staff.
After the session with the leaders, the panel met with representative of faculty members from each department. Two faculty members represented the departments. After this meeting, the panels had a session with student’ representatives. Each department was represented by two students. All assigned staff and student were on time for the meetings.
After these two sessions, the panels then took some time to look into the documents provided by IPDC that were readily availed at the tables in the room for that purpose. After the documents checking, the team was toured to visit to all the facilities of IPDC. Once in a while during the visit, panels had some interview with the staff and also recheck the availability equipments.
Right after the site visit, the panels had a closed meeting to discuss the findings for about five minutes. And then followed by the exit meeting with the university leaders and staff for the oral revealing of the findings and general impression. The overall impression was excellent, IPDC remain in conformity and compliance with the standards and urged to maintain the achievement by continuous improvement of services and regular evaluations. As usual, the written report will be sent to IPDC before the end of the year.
At 13.00 the meeting finally ended and Dr. Adil on behalf of the visiting team thanked the welcoming attitude of the host and also requested sorry for the inconvenience they may had caused. Sr. Terezinha in turn thanked the panels for their insights and comments. It is hoped that their valueble observations will be pooled together so that the improvement will be far graters in the years to come.

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